Daemon & Trigger G Code execution method when using DSF / SBC

  • Just want to double check the operation of Daemon and Triggers when running with DSF on the SBC.
    Currently I'm trying out the DSF / SBC with a DuetPi image on an rPi4 connected to a Duet2 board. It seems to be behaving itself so far.

    Lets say the daemon.g file functionality is set up to execute every 10 seconds, is the Duet2 board doing the timing and making this file request or is the SBC timing the daemon.g interval?

    Does the Duet2 somehow cache the daemon.g list of gcode commands and execute them from ram or does it fetch and execute them line by line from the SBC?

    Does the Duet2 somehow cache triggerX.g files and execute from ram or does it fetch and execute them line by line from the SBC?

    I suppose if the answer is that the Duet2 board fetches and executes gcodes from the files line-by-line from the SBC, then in a scenario where Duet2 is running standalone without the SBC that it fetches and executes them locally from the SD card of the Duet2?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification,

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    Under normal circumstances RRF requests daemon.g from DSF every second. If you have a G4 S10 in there the macro file will run longer so it will not be requested as frequently. RRF buffers up to 16 macro codes and 32 print codes (configurable in config.json). It does not cache entire files so when a trigger is executed, RRF has to wait for instructions from DSF first. Codes are pre-parsed by DSF and encoded in a binary format before they are sent over to RRF.

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