UNSOLVED Sherline 2000 CNC

  • Hello people of duet3d, i'm in need of some assistance.

    So i bought a sherline 2000 with cnc modifications.
    I took apart the motor control box, plug the wires back, and I believe I destroyed the motor control box by shorting it. !![0_1612735188056_measurements.PNG](Uploading 100%)

    I was hoping I could receive advice on what motor control board I should replace it with , as well how best I would accomplish switching between manual and automatic control of the spindle speed. do i get a vfd? I know i have to use a pwm output from the duet3.
    Im definitely willing to do the research, as i am currently. Any info/guidance![0_1612736533024_dc_motor_specs_sherline.PNG](Uploading 100%) is appreciated thank you.

  • @MATHLETE417

    Your links did not work.


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