DWC (1.17+2) disconnects every 25 seconds or so

  • As title. My machine has been down for a major upgrade and also I've been on holiday so haven't noticed this until now. DWC just disconnects after between 21 and 28 minutes - reason timeout. I click the "Connect" button and it's fine for another 20 odd minutes. It doesn't seem to matter what the printer is doing, could be idle, could be printing or it could be waiting for phase 3 of bed heater tune (which means I can't tune the bed heater because it takes too long for the bed to cool down).

    Duet Ethernet 1.0 +Duex5
    Firmware 1.19beta11+1
    DWC 1.17+2

  • I upgraded the firmware to 1.19RC5. Been using the printer for around 5 hours with no disconnects so I'd say this is fixed.

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