Fusion3 F400 Firmware Help

  • Hey guys, I came across a couple posts that show people doing some versions of their own firmware upgrade for the F400 Printers. I would like to simply upgrade to a newer version (2.1+) and use more bed probing points rather than just the four corners with the IR Sensor. I plan to add more black tape/paint to the glass for this, but this is my main point to doing the upgrade, to have a better mesh leveling system but I just do not have the time or knowledge to do this from scratch. That being said I would gladly pay for someone's time if they were able to do this I would be more than grateful. I have also noticed the ability to turn on the Extruder Pressure advance, which I believe I need enabled as I have some under extrusion in some areas and not in others. It is a 0.8.5 Board on 1.17e Fusionware. Fusion3 hasnt done an update since so I'd like my own. I'd love to have our own Github for Fusion3 Guys.

    Thanks in advance, I'm not wanting anything crazy, just the updated features and firmware!

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    Latest firmware for Duet 0.8.5 is version 1.26.1 which is similar to RRF 2.05.1 for the later Duets. It's available at https://github.com/Duet3D/RepRapFirmware/releases/tag/2.05.1. You should read all the upgrade notes between 1.17 and 2.05.1 before upgrading. In particular, mDNS support was removed and that may affect how you access the web interface.

    I understand that F3 made a few firmware changes to RRF 2.x on later boards. I don't know whether they made any to 1.17.

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