Maestro Z_PROBE_MOD (zprobe.mod Pin 3 Servo pin 11)

  • Hello,

    I have been looking to maximise the IO on my Duet Maestro board.

    I have set up two relay modules connected to zprobe.mod and Servo

    using the closest GND ,+5V to pins 3 (zprobe.mod) and pin 11 (Servo)

    The problem I'm having is both relays come on with zprobe.mod and servo doesn't respond to any code.


    M42 P3 S1

    brings Both relays on along with the diag LED (diag LED is directly connected to zprobe.mod)

    M42 P4 S1 or S0 has no effect.

    it seems to me that they are directly tied to each other, is there any way to separate them?

    Snippet from my config.g below.


    ;Tool Hight

    M950 P3 C"zprobe.mod" Q100 ; servo/gpio 3 is Z probe MOD pin Air blast for tool probe
    M558 K1 P5 C"" ; create probe #1 for use with M585, Switch connected to Z probe IN pin, free up MOD pin

    ;Spindle 48V DC 12000RPM

    M950 P11 C"nil" ; free up associated pin (P11)
    M950 P4 C"SERVO" Q100 ; servo/gpio 3 is Servo pin Spindle enable
    M453 S0 C"e0heat+SERVO" R0:12000 F100 T0 ; Spindle index 0 spindle PWM on heater 0 pin, on/off on SERVO, PWM frequency 100Hz define tool 0

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