Tool numbering in both PanelDue and DWC

  • Just been having a little play with my new PanelDue. Noticed that tools are numbered starting from 1. So instead of tools 0 to 5, it shows 1 to 6.

    It's a little pet hate of mine because I haven't set the S1 parameter in M563 and I'm so used to thinking of the first tool as tool 0 - in fact my extruder mounts have the numbers 0 to 4 printed into the mounts themselves.

    It seems that config.g is read by both PanelDue and DWC in order to know how many tools to display, so would it be possible (in both PanelDue an DWC) to check that the S1 parameter is present in (any of) the M563 commands. Then if it is, use numbering starting from 1, but if it isn't use numbering starting from 0?

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    Actually, PanelDue displays heaters (and heater numbers) not tools; although when you press the nozzle icons labelled 1 to 6, it sends commands T0 to T5 respectively. I agree that it's inconsistent. I guess I could label the nozzle icons 0 to 5 instead.

  • Sorry I've only just started playing around with it so I don't know what all the icons mean - just making uneducated guesses. I only have one heater but 6 tools that share that heater. As I have 6 icons across the top, I assumed that these were the 6 tools.

    Changing the labels from 1-6 to 0-5 would work for me, but I'm conscious of the fact that some people may indeed prefer numbering starting at 1 because this is how many slicers work, but in that case they would use the S1 parameter in M563. Which is why I suggested checking for the presence of S1 and number the tools/nozzles/heaters (call them what you will) accordingly. If that's possible of course.

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    I think almost all (maybe all) slicers assume tool numbering starts at 0. RRF originally used tool 0 to mean the empty tool, and started real tools at 1. This proved to be incompatible with slic3r (which might have been the only slicer supporting multi-extrusion at that time) because it numbered tools from 0. That's why I introduced the tool number offset parameter to M563. Later, RepRapPro decided to fall in with everyone else and number tools from 0 to avoid this issue.

  • Slic3r is weird in that respect. With multiple extruders (they are always called extruders, not tools) they are referred throughout as numbers starting from 1. But, when you assign tools to parts it inserts tool numbers starting from 0 into the gcode file. So to get part A to print with tool 0, I have to assign extruder 1 to part A. If I want part B to use tool 1, I have to assign extruder 2 to part B and so on. Then the gcode file will have the correct Tn commands (i,e T0 and T1 in place of extruder 1 and extruder 2) in it. Like I said, weird, but I've become accustomed to it. But anyway, if it's possible to have tool numbers starting at 0 instead of 1 on PanelDue and DWC, that would make me a happy bunny.

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    DWC handles whatever tool numbering you choose, it's only PanelDue that doesn't.

  • Yes sorry, it's drive numbers not tools that are the issue with DWC. You rightly say that tools are numbered correctly so I have tools 0 to 4 which use extruders 0 to 4 but drives are numbered 1 to 5. So to extrude filament from say tool 0 which uses extruder 0, I have to select extruder drive 1 which is inconsistent and can be confusing. Having said, I still haven't changed from DWC 1.17+2 to 1.19RC? so the behaviour may be different in the latest version.

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