Windows 7 64 bit and drive usb

  • Hi David DC42
    My client as problems win 7 64 setting drive usb for run macro for network … file .inf not validate the drive ... the procedure is this on our wiki ....
    .......Go to RepRapFirmware on github and download in Raw mode (i.e. click on the link to the file and then press the Download button) to a folder on your computer. Unzip the file to extract the two driver files, duet.inf and
    Under Windows 10 you can install it by opening the folder in File Manager and double-clicking on duet.inf.
    Under earlier versions of Windows, open Device Manager, find the "Unknown device" that appears when you connect the Duet, right-click on it, select Update Driver, select Have Disk, and browse to the duet.inf file.

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    Please can you explain exactly what problem your client is having. What exactly happens when he runs the "Under earlier versions of Windows" procedure? Did he extract the file to the same folder as duet.inf, so that when he browses to duet.inf, Windows can find in the same folder?

  • Sounds like he/she is trying to install the driver for the Duet on a Win 7 machine and the driver isn't working. Without the driver he/she can't connect through Ponterface to enable wifi.

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