More prominent way of showing active tool

  • As title. Would it be possible to show which tool is active in a more prominent way than the faint (at least to my old eyes it is) underline? I have multiple tools that share the same heater so next to the tool column, I have "Heater" in red letters and when any tool is active under the heater next to every tool is the word "active". So at a glance it looks like all the tools are active together. I now know that it is the heater that is active, and not necessarily the tool to which it is associated. It is only when I look closely that I realise that the active tool is denoted by being underlined. My understanding is that only one tool can be active at any one time, so would it be possible to show which tool is active by having it a different colour to the inactive tools or in bold, instead of just the underline?

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