Duet 0.6 Issues after 1.19 update.

  • Just updated my Duet 0.6 to 1.19 and after reboot, there are a number of issues.

    Ethernet no longer works, cannot connect or ping but panel due M552 shows ethernet configured and enabled.

    Hot end comes on immediately and doesn't turn off.

    Hot end thermister no longer reports a temperature just -273 on panel due.

    Now here's the real issue, after using Bossa to return to 1.18.1 these issues still persist even though M115 shows the correct 1.18.1 firmware levels.

  • OK to follow up on this issue.

    There appears to be a couple of things happening, at the end of the firmware install process when the reboot is due to occur the hot end heater came on and went to max temperature, in my case this was for a hour or so as I installed the update remotely.

    After powering off and letting everything cool down the ethernet starting working, but the thermister in the hot end was dust.

    So lesson here is reboot manually after the firmware update on the duet 0.6.

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    1.19 is working on the Duet 0.6 in my Ormerod.

    It sounds to me that your Duet 0.6 or your wiring has developed a hardware fault. Did you disturb the board or the wiring mechanically? Is the SAM microcontroller getting hot?

  • see my follow up, at the end of the firmware update the hot end comes on and everything over heats, just re upgraded to 1.19 and it did the same again but flicking the power switch and all is well again.

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