Upgrading Duet Wifi to V1.19

  • I have uploaded the files to the SD card as per instructions but when i try to send M997 S0:1 over pronterface I get

    M997 S0:1
    SENDING:M997 S0:1
    Trying to connect at 460800 baud:
    Trying to connect at 230400 baud:
    Trying to connect at 115200 baud:
    Trying to connect at 74880 baud:
    Error: Installation failed due to comm write error
    [ERROR] Error: Installation failed due to comm write error
    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong. Also I am unable to connect over wifi. It does not show up as an IP address when I do a scan

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    You are not doing anything wrong. Try a few more times. If you are using USB power only, try it with VIN power applied. And vice versa.

    My guess is that you have an early Duet WiFi, because we made a modification to make the programming connection to the WiFi module more reliable after the first production batch. But your board was programmed initially using that command, so don't give up.

  • It still wont work. I got my duet a couple weeks ago and finally got around to setting it up earlier this week. I had loaded it with my config file and plugged everything in and powered it up and I came back 5 minutes later to notice the hotend was heating up. I think this was caused by a faulty IR sensor because the sensor gave my other boards problems as well. I was just wondering if you know of this happening and if there is an easy fix. As far as I can tell the only problem is with the WIFI because I can still controll motors and heat and read temperatures but I can't get the WIFI to work.

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    Ask your supplier to replace the Duet under warranty.

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