Support M360?

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    I would like to be able to query the system's current configuration and have the M360 command report all of the values including the variables that have been set to default values because they have not been explicitly specified in the configuration file. Are there variables that can be set via gcode commands that persist after a power cycle or reset? If so I think they should be reported too either with the M360 or another gcode command to report non-volatile memory parameters.

    As far as I can see M360 is not in the duet gcode list but is in the RepRap gcode list, but as of last update only supported on Repetier.

    …just spotted a little bit of uglyness on the reprap gcode list. Looks like there are multiple interpretations of the M360 command! Perhaps there would need to be a new number.


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    Repetier has a habit of ignoring what other firmwares do and doing its own thing.

    You can get the value of almost any parameter you want by sending the appropriate command with no parameters, or with a reduced set of parameters. For example, M201 with no parameters will report all the accelerations, and M305 P1 will report the temperature sensor parameters for heater 1.

    So you can easily create a macro file containing commands to report exactly what you want.

    There are no values that persist after a power cycle or a reset. The config-override file performs a similar function to EEPROM in older firmwares.

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