Duet WiFI 1.19.2 from 1.18 upgrade - DWC won't connect

  • David, I followed the upgrade docs to the letter and all went well. I checked firmware version wth M115 and see 1.19.2. I then did M552 S0 and wifi module started. Ran my SetNetwork macro followed by M587 and see my network. I then run M552 S1 and get:

    Wifi module is connected to access point "OBFUSCATED", IP address "OBFUSCATED"

    So at this point, everything is good. This is where things get odd…

    I open a browser and open the DWC via the IP address reported above. The DWC loads and attempts to connect to the printer and fails. After that, it won't load again.
    I have to reset the Duet WiFi and go through the M98, M552 again to get back to this point. I actually seen DWC connect twice but then immediately disconnect back to this state that needs to be reset.

    I'm in that state now. If I run M552 Sq I get the correct:
    Wifi module is connected to access point "OBFUSCATED", IP address "OBFUSCATED"

    and M587 shows my remembered network but I can't load DWC.

    Any suggestions or any debugging info I can provide?


  • did you copy all the DWC Files to a folder under root called WWW easy to miss that bit

  • Yes I did and the fact that it actually displays the DWC interface confirms that.

    But, I seem to be working now. I removed and reformatted the SD card and rebuilt it from scratch. I then went through the upgrade procedure and this time, the DWC connects to Duet and stays connected.

    Case closed but I don't understand what the initial problem was.

  • Michael sorry didn't spot it was you but? David does also advise to delete the existing WWW Folder Which I am sure you followed anyway glad your sorted now

  • Ok, just to close this out here…

    I believe I had several unrelated issues that compounded diagnosing this but I seem to be very stable now.

    1. I was running at 64 microsteps with a resulting MaxReps: 411 (M122) which David said is too high. This contributes to disconnects while actually printing. I lowered microsteps to 32 and my MaxReps is now 117. I have not had a disconnect during a print since.

    2. A big issue was poor WiFi reception with the Duet in the base of my metal framed D300VS delta. I installed a wifi extender and the signal is MUCH stronger. I still got disconnects during idle but not as frequently.

    3. My Settings->General->Maximum number of AJAX retries was set to 1. I changed that to 3 as per the new "wifi disconnect" wiki. I have not had a disconnect during idle or print for over 48 hours now.

  • A follow up on the follow up - another 2 days without a single disconnect. Looking good!

  • A little off topic. Can someone tell me where the gcode files are being saved on SD card 0? It goes through the download process. I have to change directories to something off root before it shows up. Another thing I am seeing is my setting - Temp additions ATX on / off are not there after a restart. I am using 1.19 +3.


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