Use 5v from diffrent source for optical endstops? on duetwifi

  • So im on the edge of being done with my Hypercube evo and just the wiring and config left.
    started to read about endstops and what i understand it´s not possible to run the optical endstops direct on the 3.3v line and u needed to resolder the resistors on the endstops to get the to work. is it possible to just grab a 5v line from somewere on the duetwifi to dont have te resolder 6 endstops.?

  • administrators

    Yes, you can get +5V from either pin 1 of the expansion connector or from the PanelDue connector. However, only the endstop connection that provides power to the LED side of the slotted options switch should be powered from 5V. If the same wire also powers the output side, then do not use 5V.

    Some types of opto endstop do work correctly with a 3.3V supply.

  • ahh okey. then i´ll try without mods and if it does not work i replace the resistors.
    thanks for quick replay 🙂

  • I have the common variety running on 3.3v.just make sure your flags are black and fill the slots in the endstop as much as you can without risking a collision.

    The endstop lights on the duet board are a good guide. If they don't go out completely when the endstop is triggered you are not sending a strong enough signal. They are anogue in that sense.


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