Odometer/Hour Meter

  • I suggested this under "Firmware Wishlist" some time back but the way to implement it might be through DWC.

    Basically, some sort of running total of print time to date. A sort of "hour meter" or "mileometer". It would be useful for setting up maintenance schedules\reminders. Like "lubricate guides" every x number of hours or "change belts" every y hundred hours". It needs to be a running total of the time the machine is active, rather simply powered on so probably a function of print time. I think others have requested something similar for purposes other than maintenance. e.g. filament used to date or some such.

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    I can think of a number of totals that might be recorded:

    • Total time powered on
    • Total time that the motors are energised and not in idle hold
    • Total time printing form SD card, including nor excluding heating time
    • Net filament extruded

    Whatever total(s) we record could be reported by DWC. However, the actual recording would need to be done on the Duet WiFi, with the values saved either to SD card or in flash memory when power down is detected.

  • The Duet WiFi NVRAM isn't currently working at all, so the data would have to go to SD card. Unfortunately as it stands, writing to the SD card is a blocking operation, and SD hardware means writes can take a substantial fraction of a second, so it's not safe to write to the SD card while printing. There is some hope this will change, which would allow logging to SD card as well.

  • I like this feature!!! (and I ask for it in the whish list thread)

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