I must be close, but not quite there. Upgraded to 1.19.2

  • I lost my entire configuration yesterday and I am not sure how.
    At any rate, I had to reinstall everything.
    I downloaded v1.19.2 of the firmware and followed the Wiki instructions.
    Updating the Wifi bin file completed successfully
    Updating the Board bin file completed successfully
    I was able to initialize the Wifi Interface.
    I was able to upload my network information and got confirmation of the SSID being saved
    I can scan the IP addresses and find the printer.
    I deleted the \www directory and created a new folder.
    In the www folder, I created a SetNetwork txt file with the SSID and Password for my wifi.
    I extracted the contents of the DuetWebControl folder into the \www folder

    When I power up my printer, it connects to the wifi network and I can ping the address.
    When I enter the address in a browser, I get the Duet Web Control Page
    I click on connect and it connects.

    Shortly after connecting, I get a message:

    Communication Error
    An AJAX error has been reported, so the current session has been terminated.
    Please check if your printer is still on and try to connect again.

    Clicking on Connect does nothing at this point.
    If I power off the printer and power it back on, I can repeat this above Communication Error.

    I can issue a Ping to the address and it reports that all 4 packets were sent and received, with an average of 33ms.

    Any idea why I am getting this error shortly after connecting, and any idea how to repair it? Reloading everything was a lot of steps and I believe I did them all, including the verification steps

    There is no information in my config.g file for the network connection. That information is in my SetNetwork text file which I think is what I am supposed to do above firmware version 1.18

    Please advise

  • Ok
    Reread all of the wiki text and the content from my SetNetwork file is now in the network section of config.g

    Still getting the Ajax error

  • I followed another thread on here that was having the same issues as I was. I have tried to upgrade to 1.20.7.

    Is there an install document for this release?

    I am at the point where with 1.19.2 I entered M552 S0 before entering the SSID and password for my wifi. While it was successful in 1.19.2, when I enter M552 S0 to initialize the Wifi on this release, I get an error message saying that it failed to initialize the Wifi Module with an error return code of -10.

    If things don't improve I'm either going back to my MKS Base board or I will try a smoothie. This duetwifi is too frustrating with all the failures to complete processes.

    It would have been helpful if there was information to help diagnose problems.

  • the command to initialise the WiFi is M552 S1 not S0 also give the guy from Duet a chance they have publicised that they are away this week at TCT and that there would be delays in answering support Questions.

    The show finishes tonight then they have to pack up and return to there bases So i wouldn't expect much from them till tomorrow at the earliest and even then it may be later

  • Tim,

    I am having similar, if not the same, AJAX disconnects. There is a thread with lots of information here: https://www.duet3d.com/forum/thread.php?id=2628

    David also created a page to troubleshoot Wifi/Ajax issues here:

  • Hi Dougal1957. You are quite correct that S0 is the correct choice, not S1. That was my error in writing it down, and I promise not in what I was entering. I was unaware that they were all away although I did see posts indicating there was a show. My bad in not putting it together in terms of the impact on responses in the forum. I have no knowledge as to the depth of the resources available.

    When I post to the forum, it is not intended as a direct request for technical support from any organization. I use forums to ask for help from others who have encountered what I am going through. When I have built enough experience, I spend quite a bit of time offering my experiences to others who have questions. It is unfortunate for me at this point, that I am very early on in my exposure to 3d printing and certainly to the DuetWifi. I am sorry if my frustration got the better of me. I have found bits of information scattered in different places and with my current level of knowledge, it is difficult to know if it applies to what I am trying to resolve, based on firmware revisions, different boards and responses from the physical product that I can't seem to look up to understand the cause.

    Hi KeeganB
    Thank you for the links that you have posted. I will review them in detail and I will report back, especially if there is a solution in there somewhere.


  • No problem at all just trying to let you knoe that they main Support resource was away and there may be a delay in getting an answer unless another user has hit the same issue and respond tou you.

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