Short to ground on drivers 4….. after 1.19 upgrade

  • Hello,

    I made the update to 1.19 following the guidelines of this link:
    and everything went well.

    …but when I connect to the web control, I see the following errors constantly:
    Short to ground on drivers 4
    Over temperatue shutdown on drivers 4


    I did not try to move any motor, nor heat anything since the update, by the doubts, but if I'm not wrong the dirver 4 is the second extruder, right?
    I have nothing connected there and never had connect anything there.

    Could has been an error during the update? (Did not had any visible error, performed by YAT)
    Some extra modification required by the 1.19 that I am missing?

    What I can do?

    Thank you!!!!

  • administrators

    If there is nothing connected to the E1 motor connector, then your Duet has a faulty driver (if it is very hot) or possibly just a faulty connection to the driver (if it isn't hot). Please ask for your Duet to be repaired or replaced under warranty. The driver monitoring was new in firmware 1.19.

  • Hi David, it is absolutely cold.

  • administrators

    Sounds like the data out pin of the driver chip isn't making contact with the PCB pad then, or possibly it's the the CS pin if you don't know whether that driver works. Unless you have experience with soldering SMD devices, I don't recommend that you try to fix it yourself.

  • What a bad luck I've had…. I did not expect this, I thought it might be some firmware configuration.

    No David, I don have experience with soldering SMD.

    I've never had a board failure since day one, it always works very well, but I think the board always had this fault, but I never noticed it because I do not have two extruders and I never used that connector, and now with the firmware update the problem is revealed.

    How do I proceed to manage a warranty replacement?
    I bought the Duet Wifi directly from, Order ID: 1369.

    Is there any possibility that I can continue using the printer as until now?. Until I can receive a replacement? Or it would not be wise?

  • administrators

    Yes you can go on using the printer, the driver isn't hot so it's likely to be just a communication problem between the driver and the processor. Send an email to info at duet3d dot com to arrange repair/replacement.

  • Thank you.
    E-mail sent.


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