First Gen DuetWifi problems

  • Hello all, I received one of the first 50 Duet Wifis and it is fw level 15 and I wish to do a fw upgrade to 19.2. I am trying to follow the Wiki but at the very beginning it states to erase the /www folder and I do not have one. Also it states to create a folder with that name. Windows 10 folders cannot start with a "/" so this may be a stupid question, but I don't know so I am asking. Also is it alright to update from v15 to v19.2?

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    In Windows, use \ instead of /.

    Upgrading from 1.15 to 1.19 you have a lot of upgrade notes to read.

  • The slash at the beginning means the root of the sdcard, it is not part of the directory name.

  • You probably need to read instruction to upgrade from 1.18 —

    Don't worry about not having the server, it was in the DuetWiFiServer.bin before, so you just need to create it. And you don't need leading [c]/[/c], it only means that the [c]www[/c] directory is on the top level of your sd card filesystem. So I guess in windows that would be [c]<drive-letter>:\www[/c]

    P.S. Oh my, the post is old, but everyone started to answer after I did and finished before me ;-)</drive-letter>

  • Thank you so much everyone for the replies…..I figured I should upgrade to the latest fw, Am I mistaken? I just plugged this card in on a self built delta and after making dc42's ssr wiring change, heat bed is working correctly but the 24v hotend says in the web control that it is in error and check wiring.....which I have done. Could it be that the e3d v6 hotend needs a config.g file change that is calling up the wrong type of heater?

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    You can run the latest firmware on the white pre-production boards. However, you should read all the upgrade notes for versions 1.16 and later at There you will find information on heater tuning and other things you need to do.

  • ok…I am starting this board from ground up. Is there a manual somewhere telling me my first step and checks to see if things are ok, I guess I thought that the default config that came with this board would just need some tweaks to get it set for my components, but right off the bat Hot end failure and I do not understand how any PID adjustments will change that. It says it starts in Bang Bang which would still not cause it to error out as a failure just turning the board on would it? Is this board to advanced for a noob? This is my first delta and I have only dealt with Ramps and Arduino Mega before, but they just required a little adjustment in the config.g file. I'm sorry but it is frustrating when I have so much not working and not having a gameplan to fix it. I know this is candy for most of you guys but I am trying to decide what to start with and have a checklist to work on....Is there any type of first step, second step and so for a Delta printer with this Duet Wifi? I am more than eager to put in the time to learn and if anyone has a link to where I should start I would be very appreciative. I hope people understand what I am trying to say here....I feel like such a noob when I can't understand something that is second nature to others. Thanks in advance if you can help me, if not then thanks anyway for reading 🙂

  • I am starting by reading configuring RepRapFirmware and try to pick up what I can. Sorry for whining…feeling overwhelmed

  • Was there a folder on your SD card that has files for a Mini Kossel? If so, it will have everything you will need and you can make adjustments for your particular parts.

  • Heck, might even consider jumping up to 1.18.2 before taking the full plunge into 1.19+.

  • config.h . not g….typo


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