That impressed with the PreProd board

  • Well as per the Title I am sufficiently impressed with the Pre Production Beta Board that I have I have decided not to put My Duet 0.6 in a Printer and have ordered a Release Board from Batch 2.


  • It's nice to see people are impressed, but I think it's more important to put the board through the paces, printing many things and reporting on experience, rather than giving a thumbs up right after getting it setup.

    How many prints have you done with the pre-pro board?

  • Actually I have Quite extensive experience with the Duet system in General certainly enough to be able to compare them like for like.

    I have made several Prints with it to just know it is a Winner all way's round.

    The improvements have just made the thing more usable (not that the 0.6 or 0.8.5 weren't).

    The addition of the RTD Boards to allow use of PT100 Sensors or Thermocouples just take it to a new level. It is very fast and responsive and the Driver's when running in 16 microstepping mode with 256 interpolation makes them just super quiet

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