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  • So first let me say that even after uploading new 1.19 duet ethernet firmware, mine still says 1.18. But, that is not the issue. I'm just mentioning it because someone will undoubtedly tell me to upgrade something.

    I have a new cartesian style build here, my first, and I am trying to work out the stepper connections.

    • Hitting the home all button move the hot end to the center of the bed. but it does not complete the homing process. in the web control I see this: "The following axes are not homed: X, Y, Z". this is because it never moves to the end stops I assume.

    • The system will not let me move the hotend manually to see if the motors are properly connected, since it is not homed.

    • Since it will not let me manually move a stepper, I cannot tell if I have the wire polarities right.

    Can someone point me to my next step in this?

  • You said that you can't move you hot end at all… if, while your board is turned off, unplug your endstop, can you move your hot end?

    If so,to me, it sounds like if you might have entered always closed or always open endstop in you config.g files but actually have the other way around installed., For a quick test, replug everything, trigger your X endstop while homing X, take a look at your M574 command (the S parameter) or...

    See the following link for some more info:

    I hope this helps

  • To test your motors you can use the gcode console and manually command them to move - for example

    G91 ; relative mode
    G1 S2 X10 ; move the X motor forward 10mm
    G1 S2 X-10 ; move the X motor back 10mm
    G1 S2 Y10 ; move the Y motor forward 10mm
    G1 S2 Y-10 ; move the Y motor back 10mm
    G1 S2 Z-10 ; move the Z motor back 10mm
    G1 S2 Z10 ; move the Z motor up 10mm
    G90 ; back to absolute mode

    The S2 part of the command causes homing status to be ignored.

    You can also check your end stops, when you press them the red led on the Duet board should change.

  • this helped a lot folks. thank you.

    I have all the motors working, all the end stops responding as expected.

    now I have a new but related issue. now that tings are moving in the right direction and the endstops are triggering, the homing sequence is getting stuck for the Z axis. Since the position it is occuring at is one of the bed leveling positions I defined, I can only assume that autobedleveling is being triggered as part of the homing sequence. I do not have a Z-probe installed for this procedure to work. I Have to get the basic functionality of the printer working so that I can print a mount for the sensor.

    is there a way to manually set Z-home?

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  • Well I am stumped. Step drivers aren't really working and end stops, Well only one (Y) end stop seems to work in conjunction with one (Y) Stepper. If I swap the endstops normally open to normally closed another motor (Z) stepper will work with end stop (Z) but it sounds bad and now (Y) motor and endstop wont work. And one motor in particular X. just jiggles back and forth either way. However the extruder motor seems to work fine…

    Hey I fixed the problem/found the problem(s). It was faulty on the connectors. I did a good soldering job on them. The problem is the little end piece of metal is supposed to push up against the pin, but sometimes it is too week to make a good connection. Maybe because I had to force it into the connector at times. I bought this from SeeMeCNC. Not sure if you package the same little metal clips for the wires to insert into the plastic plugs. I do have to say that this part of the package needs to have an upgrade for the sake of sanity. Instead of springing metal it needs something that wraps all the way around the pin and wire. Love the wire Farrells in the package ..

    Anyway wish me luck on the next steps 🙂

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    I'm glad you got it working. The connectors are very reliable. I suspect that you didn't push the crimp pins far enough into the shells. Look into the slots in the side of the connector shell, and check that the barbs have engaged to prevent the pins being pushed out when you mate them.

  • Well dc42 I think it was definitely me having slightly larger soldering blobs where I couldn't push them in and even more directly related to me pushing those connectors in "Forcing Them" with a tool of mine and messing up the end part. wish I had done all this with a crimp tool, but I don't have one for it. I had been checking out the barbs that they had engaged.

    Hey jlegere if you don't have a zprobe like I don't go to config.g file and actually dc42's words on my thread "use P0 in the M558 command in config.g to say that you have no Z probe. At each probe point, the web interface will present some buttons for you to jog the nozzle down until it just touches the bed, then you press OK."

    hope that helps, you could always turn it back to "p1" after installing your probe with the new part you print..

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