Www folder?

  • Am attempting the dreaded 1.18 ->1.19 installation and

    a) do not have an SD card reader on my laptop;
    b) have never succeeded in connecting my (MAC) to the Duet;

    So am counting on getting all this done over wifi!

    Regarding the very first instructions:

    Get ready to upgrade the Duet WiFi by putting the following files on the SD card:

    The contents of DuetWebControl-1.19.zip, extracted into the /www folder. Existing versions of DWC won't let you upload a file called DuetWebControl*.zip to a Duet WiFi, so you will either have to do this on a PC, or you can rename it to e.g. DWC.zip and then it should upload. If there is a /www folder already on the SD card, I recommend you delete it and create a new one.

    How do I know if there's a "www" folder already on the SD card?

    From Duet WIFI web control panel if I click on "g code files" or "Macros" there are buttons to "go up" in the file hierarchy but these buttons don't actually work / take me anywhere. So how do I figure out what other folders exist?

    In "Settings / System Editor " there's also a file browser of kinds but there's no opportunity to create folders there if I wanted to (I don't see a "www" folder there either)?

    Sorry for being a bit thick.

    ps have found the folder hierarchy overview guide: https://duet3d.com/wiki/SD_card_folder_structure

    which gives me the impression that the "www" folder under 1.18 is not accessible from the web interface? (which seems to only give access to gcodes, macros and sys?

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    While you can upgrade to 1.19 without an SD card reader if you get everything right, to avoid the risk of ending up with a Duet that you can't connect to I suggest you buy a USB micro SD card reader. They are widely available on eBay and Amazon, and cost very little. This is the one I use:


    There are even cheaper ones such as http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Memory-Card-Reader-Adapter-for-Micro-SD-SDHC-TF-USB-2-0-Card-Storage-New-UK/112264238421 but the one I had didn't transfer large files reliably.

  • Thanks.

    Have ordered as you suggest and will put off the installation for a few more days.

    With a bit of luck, with direct access to the card, everything will become clear! 😉

  • SD reader arrived and upgrade successfully performed.

    Won't pretend didn't have white knuckles!

    btw. this forced me to learn how to connect with Simplify3d. Whilst there's stuff for PC users in the documentation talking about COM ports couldn't find anything for Mac users. It seems that Simplify provides a drop down of connection approaches. If one selects "/dev/cu.usbmodem1451" then it works. Any of the others (such as /dev/cu.SOC) fail. Of course with hindsight (usbmodem duh) this is obvious but…


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    I'm glad it all worked out for you.

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