Show created and last printed time in Gcode Files listing

  • Show created and last printed time in Gcode Files listing and allow to sort by those columns

  • The problem is that Duet boards don't know what time it is. I'm a little confused as to why, since I think the MCU has a real-time clock module, but it seems not to work. (If nothing else, there's clearly no on-board battery backup.) You could have the web browser let it know the time and date, or you could implement NTP, but in either of those cases there would still be times when the board had no idea what time it is.

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    We're planning to have DWC send the current time to the Duet and also the file time stamp when uploading files.

  • Can I ask why the RTC module isn't usable? Or is it just that there isn't a backup battery?

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    There is no backup battery. So after power up we need to get the time either by having DWC send it when it connects, or via NTP. We considered including a backup battery on the Duet WiFi but we ran out of board space and processor pins.

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    The last modified date of files is generally displayed on DWC (it's hidden in the tooltip of the G-code files) but I don't think RRF saves the last print time in the footer. This will need some more firmware modifications first.

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