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  • Hi,

    I noticed that FTP support is currently only available with bare bones commands. I'm having problems with a lot of "more advanced" tools to access and transfer files from/to a Duet Wifi with 1.19.2. I'm aware of https://duet3d.com/wiki/FTP_commands_supported, but can't really pinpoint what's missing.

    I got a working connection with the plain CLI tool 'ftp', but other tools, such as 'ncftp', 'curlftpfs', or GUI tools like Cyberduck always give me an error (mostly during login / auth).

    Is it possible to emulate / debug the code in (and around) https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/blob/dev/src/DuetNG/FtpResponder.cpp? I couldn't really find a suitable way to setup a debugging environment without re-flashing a FW every 2minsโ€ฆ


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    FileZilla works with the Duet.

    In theory you can solder a JTAG connector to the Duet for debugging, but I've never resorted to that.

  • Yes, FileZilla does work.
    However, I'm still surprised that 5 out of 7 tested tools so far didn't work for me. Thats why I wanted to try and debug this, and maybe help fix it somehow.

    Do you have any way of debugging RRF in software via emulation/simulation, or do you always flash it onto real hardware and connect via serial?

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    I debug via serial. To work out why FTP isn't working with your other clients, I suggest you start by getting a Wireshark trace to see if they are using a command that isn't supported by RRF.

  • tcpdump revealed the following:

    wget and Cyberduck try to use [c]LIST -a[/c], which seems to be non-standard behaviour and results in a [c]500 Unknown command.[/c]

    curl tries to send [c]TYPE I[/c], which should be valid and supported but results in a [c]500 Unknown command.[/c] (strangely this command works with ncftp)

    ncftp tries [c]MLST, MDTM, NLST, SIZE, STAT[/c] and all fail, are defined in an RFC, but not supported by the Duet yet.

  • Ok, so first debugging results for curl:

    curl sends PASV: RRF and curl properly open & conenct passive connection.

    Now RRF is in state [c]ResponderState::pasvPortOpened[/c], where it only accepts a subset of commands.

    curl sends a [c]TYPE I[/c], which should be valid, but since RRF is in the wrong state, it falls through to this error case:

    According to RFC959: PASV and TYPE are "transfer parameter commands", which "may be in any order except that they must precede the FTP service request".

    So I guess RRF should handle a TYPE command even after a PASV?

    @dc42: do you agree with my understanding of the RFC, or did I miss one of the many extensions and updates to the FTP protocol definition?

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    I'll change the next beta to accept (but ignore) parameters after LIST, and to allow TYPE after the passive port has been opened. This should get you a little further.

  • Thanks! I'll keep you updated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I can confirm that wget and curl are now able to transfer files with 1.20beta6!

    Tested with [c]wget -r ftp://voron:voron@[/c], which downloads all files in [c]/sys/[/c].
    curl also seems to work now: [c]curl ftp://voron:voron@[/c] prints the content of config.g.
    I'm still having problems with curlftpfs, I can list everything, but neither up- nor download files. But I think this could be unrelated to the Duet FTP stack - curlftpfs is just full of old bugs ๐Ÿ˜ž

    The [c]SIZE[/c] command results in a [c]500 Unknown command.[/c] reply. Would be nice to implement this, since [c]RETR[/c] already replies with the file size in bytes.

    Cyberduck seems to also try the [c]STAT[/c] command with a parameter (e.g., [c]/[/c]), which should be the same as [c]LIST[/c].

    Not sure why, but ncftp sends a [c]CWD .[/c], which fails currently with [c]550 Failed to change directory.[/c]. [c]CWD ..[/c] is already supported.

    Support for [c]EPSV[/c] is probably not needed at this time, unless you plan on supporting IPv6?

    Thanks for the great work!

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    I'll look at supporting SIZE and CWD . in the next beta.

  • I happy to report that [c]CWD .[/c] works in 1.20beta7! Thanks!
    Now only [c]SIZE[/c] and [c]STAT /[/c] are missing to really call this a proper FTP support!

    One minor caveat: only one FTP connection is supported at a time, most GUI FTP browsers open a second connection for file transfers. Mentioning this on the Wiki page should be enough for users to avoid this issue.

    Great work so far - thanks a million!

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