FIRMWARE Update 1.18.1->1.19.2 Duet Ethernet + Duex5 + PanelDue

  • Hello,
    I would like to equip the current machine I build for the company with a Duet Ethernet.
    At the moment the control via Ethernet is not yet possible, first everything has to be done via USB and SD card. If the 3D printer runs then, I will apply for the Ethernet connection. Is something complicated in the company.

    Now for my first request:

    I want to update the firmware. Have connection to Duet Ethernt made via USB and after sending from M115 came:
    12:30:29.704 : serial: N15 M115*18
    12:30:29.704 : FIRMWARE_NAME: RepRapFirmware for Duet Ethernet FIRMWARE_VERSION: 1.18.1 ELECTRONICS: Duet Ethernet 1.0 FIRMWARE_DATE: 2017-04-09

    To get to 1.19.2 do I first have to be loaded 1.19?
    Everything according to this guide:

    How is this with the Ethernet access data that I do not know all yet, since they are given later by the IT department?

    Regards Andy

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    You can upgrade to 1.19.2 directly from 1.18.1. It's easiest to upgrade using the web interface, but if you don't have that working yet, use this procedure: except that for the Duet Ethernet the firmware file is called DuetEthernetFirmware.bin not DuetWiFiFirmware.bin.

  • Hello DC42,

    I use a Duet Wifi at home, so I already have a web interface here. Have now taken the Duet ETHERNET from the company home. Hope this is the easier way to update the firmware.

    Have downloaded the firmware 1.19.2.

    Now after this guide Duet Ethernet firmware and Web control in the appropriate folder?
    The contents of, extracted into the /www folder. …...
    DuetETHERNETFirmware-1.19.bin, extracted in / sys
    Can I now use the existing web interface the Duet Ethernet
    update with M997 S0: 1?

    Is this with or without spaces after the colon?

    Doing the upgrade
    Send M997 S0:1 to upgrade both firmwares together.
    When the Duet has restarted after the firmware upgrade, execute the SetNetwork macro on PanelDue or via USB (if using USB then the command is M98 P/macros/SetNetwork).
    Send M587 and check that your network is listed
    Send M552 S1. After a few seconds you should see a message that it has connected to your access point.
    Connect via the web interface
    Re-enable the M552 S1 command in config.g by removing the semicolon at the start
    For security, delete the SetNetwork macro file

    Thank you for the very nice help!


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