M570 Heater fault detection actions

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    I have tried to find the reason for heater errors on my printers heater 1 but can´t put my finger on it and was thinking if it would be possible to add a feature in the firmware that in the M570 you could choose what happens when a heater fault is detected.

    There would be choises like:
    1: Pause everything (with a timewindow for cooling things down if nobody resumes the print? Last time a problem of this kind arised the printer was working through a weekend and everything got "burned" to the build plate glass because of more than 2 days of continuous heat)

    2: Shut down that particular heater (and the extruder motor for that heater) but otherwise continue (I print always 3-4 parts at a time with their own dedicated extruders so a total pause easily ruins all of the prints, now extruder 1 is off of the game untill a solution to the problem is found)

    3: Something clever that I can´t come up with

    Basically it would be great to be able to get the rest of the prints out as supposed even if one heater would fail. If things stay paused for a looong time there is not really a way to resume without visible faults in the print, at least with ABS.


  • I thought there was the option to do the equivilent of M81 on detection of a heater fault but I can't find it at the moment. If not already available I think this should be available to the Duet 0.6 compatible firmware too.

    M81 sends the signal to turn off the ATX power supply via the three pin 5V connector. I've got this killing the mains supply to the PSU powering the heaters and steppers. Fans are run from an additional supply. You could have a contactor on the 24V side of the PSU, but you then need one a measure bigger than the fuse (or PSU current limit if you trust it!) protecting the wiring to the heater.

    Update, dc42 had replied to my comment on an earlier thread which I had missed. I'm still not used to perpetually re-clicking subscribe on the threads!


    There is no facility yet to turn off the power supply when a heater fault is detected. It's on the list to add when we have implemented logging, so that the cause of the power going off can be determined subsequently.

    Here is is the thread with his response. Essentially it is in the pipe line but considered not viable until after logging is completed. I'm not sure if this is a feature that is supported on the 0.6 Duet compatible firmware or not.

    Before Spotting dc42's response I had started another thread about "Control of Actions on Heater Fault". It would seem sensible to continue discussion about that feature in that thread as it is easier to search for!

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