M207 to be Configured per Tool

  • I'm trying to keep settings in Kisslicer to be as automatic as possible. With FW retract this has been easy as long as all of the materials I am using in a print have the same M207 parameters. However, when I change the M207 parameters between materials things get a little wonky. Most notable is if I use Z hop for one material but not another which so far has resulted in either printing mid air or requiring redundant tool change commands before and after the M207 for each switch.

    With the way Kisslicer tokens work, it would be nice to be able to have M207 T <ext>R S F T Z in the material G code tab (which I then use the <matl>token to execute in the "Select New Extruder and Warm" tab before the T <ext>token. That way, the first (and really every) time a tool is selected the M207 parameters are assigned to only that materials corresponding tool number and I would not end up with the previous materials parameters affecting the new tool.

    At the end of a layer, the GCode already includes a G10. Then the specific material parameters are executed (M207, changing accelerations, tool temperatures, etc.), followed by the T command (M207 before the T command is really where the problem occurs but there isn't really a good way of rearranging the order of this operation. Then, in the Tfree I use a G11 to undo the retract (so that I can issue another G10 for the new tool after it is primed, this will also bring the Z back to the previous layer level) followed by some manual retraction to prevent oozing. Then Tpost takes care of priming the new tool and issuing a G10. After that the regular Gcode takes over again bringing the tool to the new layer position and issuing the G11.</ext></matl></ext>

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