Issue with current design.

  • So I'm using the Duet design for the printed parts for my filament monitor, just with my own brackets attached to it. I have had a few issues there the shaft with the magnet and the hobbing, has slid slightly meaning it is slightly too far away from the magnet. The filament monitor then reports no filament fed, or doesn't work at all, although now running 1.20 beta 6 there is no issue with the printer slowing down when this happens.

    I think this might be a reasonably frequent issue with this design, mounting that shaft, which I'm lead to believe has to sit 0.5mm off the magnet, when it can slide and as you print there are slight lateral forces applied to this shaft by the filament itself, means it can drift and then the monitor stops working.

    Any ideas? How can we secure that shaft so it doesn't move? Its also drifting off calibration-wise as the shaft moves the hob isnt firmly engaging the filament consistently.

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