If pos, diferent axes maxima for print and non-print moves

  • This no big deal but would be a "nice to have " if it's easy to implement.

    I'm working on a purge mechanism that will basically squirt filament into a "bucket". For the print head to reach the "bucket" it needs to move further than the limit of the build plate (which I have moved to accommodate the "bucket"). To do that, I have set the axis maximum to a value that is greater than the physical size of the build plate. Then I've set the true size of the build plate in my slicer which should prevent me from accidentally printing anything too large or oriented such that it would exceed the build plate dimensions. It has just occurred to me that a more elegant solution would be to have two sets of axis limits - one that corresponds to the actual build plate dimensions which would constrain print moves, and one set that corresponds to the maxima and minima of the axes (if they are larger than the build plate) and which would only be allowed for non-print moves. Or maybe add a parameter to the M564 command that would allow moves outside the print volume but limited to xxxx mm of additional travel?

    As I said, it's no beg deal but would be nice to have if it's a) possible and b) easy to implement.

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