Can't establish wifi connection in new installation

  • I can't seem to get a network established to a new 1.19 duet wifi board for my cartesian printer. I can get to the point of "no known network; wifi module is idle", M503 gives me a test config. I've run the configurator and placed it on the duet sd card. Finally, this is a second Duet on a second printer, so I need to establish separate networks. I've spent way too much time and energy getting nowhere. It isn't the fault of the Duet, I'm sure, but I don't know where/what/how to proceed from here.

  • are you communicating with the duet via Pronterface over USB?

    Do this.

    M588 S"*"
    M552 S0
    wait about 30 sec or so, or until Pronterface reports the wifi module is idle
    M587 S"NetworkSSID" P"password"
    M552 S1

    Note that the SSID and password will be case sensitive and Pronterface will convert them to all caps unless you tell it not to by including apostrophes in the appropriate locations.

    I think David prefers doing this with a Macro, but I have done it so many times now, i prefer sending commands via USB.

  • OK. Done all that but I'm missing a step or two apparently - What is my SSID and password ="reprap"? I've been using
    Thanks, Keegan!

  • administrators

    The SSID is the name of the WiFi network you want the Duet to connect to, and the password is the password for connecting to that wifi network.

  • You SSID is the name of your wireless network. The password is your password for that wireless network. These are both case sensitive and need to be typed in correctly per the wiki link I provided because Pronterface converts all text to CAPS unless you tell it not to.

  • OK! Connected.

    Thanks to you both!

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