Shutdown after print finished

  • I have implemented a PS_ON/OFF relay last week. I read that most users tell their slicers to add power up and down commands to the gcode. I was thinking about how handy it would be to do this from DWC. 2 checkboxes:

    V - auto power up on start of print
    V - auto power down on end of print, but wait until after heater has been cooled to <50

    Sometimes you don't want to power down, because you know you want to start a new print.
    Sometimes it is ideal to have the printer auto-shutdown because of course you are not printing unattended, but you might be somewhere else in the house 😉

  • administrators

    A solution might be an optional parameter on the M81 command that means "defer the shutdown until the print has finished and the extruder heaters are cool".

  • Yes, I guess that would be nicer for PanelDue users indeed.
    Point is, I would rather decide from the print-start whether I would like to shut down afterwards, and not already from the slicer setting.

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