Switching between machine and tool coordinate system

  • Regarding the tool change macros, only tpreX.g runs in machine coordinate system.
    I'm starting to run 2 FFF toolheads and a paste toolhead with a tool changer.
    Every time I change something on the paste thingy which causes a different tool offset I have to take care of readjusting tfree / tpost as well. Otherwise the printhead crashes into the dock during docking / undocking. OMG I watched this quite a few times now 😉
    Would it be possible to have gcode to switch to machine coordinate system (this seems to be somehow related to the CNC coordinate topic)?

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    Please explain in more detail what you are trying to do. In the applications I am aware of (e.g. IDEX machines), it is sensible that tfree and tpost use the coordinate system of the tool concerned.

  • Docking positions are fixed, the upper part of all tools features the same docking geometry. But the position of the tool tip may vary from tool to tool. The offsets are defined with G10. However the docking and undocking procedure is completely independent from theses offsets.

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