Cancelled printing file X Print time was Y Error: Shutting down due t

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    I was printing a piece that had to be printed a lot slower than previously planned due to not being able to wait the spool change and because of noise issues. I was just about to finally finish it when a error as in the topic popped on the screen and the printer just froze. I tried desperately some lines to get it back on printing without success.

    The ending of the error message was not visible on my panel. What was the complete message?

    Is this function really needed? I assume sometimes you just have to slow down a lot, and after waiting a part to be finished even longer than originally expected it is a very disappointing moment when it failes for nothing 😄 (I ended up screaming and throwing stuff around the workshop and getting hammered)


  • administrators

    I think it can only be this one: "Shutting down due to un-cleared heater fault after xxx seconds".

  • Ok…. How to avoid this for now on?

  • administrators

    You can increase the time allowed to reset a heater fault, it's the S parameter in the M570 command.

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