Smart Effector set

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    The heater cartridge comes with the E3D hot end and is available in 12V and 24V versions. The current will be 1 to 2A for the 24V version, and 2 to 4A for the 12V version.

  • thank you!

  • i want to return unused 2-wire PT100 and get 4 wire version. how much that will cost?

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    E3D doesn't yet sell 4-wire PT100 sensors. What I recommend is to use a 2-wire sensor but to run 4 wires from the effector to the Duet.

  • ok… is there any other place to buy 4 wire sensor?

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    We have discussed 4-wire PT100 sensors with E3D. However, the 2-wire version is more than accurate enough, and the Smart Effector lets you run 4 wires from the effector back to the Duet even when you are using a 2-wire PT100 sensor.

  • I was wanting to buy the PT100 Daughter Board and the PT100 sensor, is this all I need because I saw on E3d website the is a little board that come with the sensor. Is this the equivalent to the PT100 Daughter Borad?

    Also is the another type osf sensor I could use on the hotbed with this board to have a better reading?

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    E3d have an analog PT100 amplifier to use with Electronics that don't have our nice PT100 daughter board.

    To use a PT100 sensor with the Duet you need just the sensor and a daughter board.

    You can use a PT100 on the bed as well if you like. The daughter board takes two sensors.

  • I know I am bumping this, but nevertheless, dc42, can you explain why you would go for the 4 wire setup even though only tow wires are in use? Is there some fancy amplifying happening before the measurements leave the effector or is it a mere "4 wires are better than 2 over a distance"? And do I need to jumper the spots (labeled jumpered for 2 wire) on top of the effector if I do so?

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    If you use the 2-wire configuration then the resistance of the wires affects the temperature readings. AFAIR the reading increases by 0.4C per ohm of resistance. If you use the 4-wire configuration then the resistance of the wires gets cancelled out. That's the only difference.

    The two "jumper for 2 wire" spots are already connected. They only need to be broken if you are using a 4-wire connection and a 4-wire PT100 cartridge.


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