Baby stepping

  • Some changes i like to see with baby stepping

    • More responsive
    • ability to type in value together with the buttons
    • permanent storage of the value ( i rather not do this via config.g or gcode files)

  • Having up, down and save buttons would make a ton of sense.

  • I completely agree.

  • it would make sense to be able to save the baby steps.
    In the past I used to save it in my config.g, now I think I'm going to configure it in my slicer.
    But I'm still wondering, why would I always have to use the same baby steps with my delta ?
    Isn't it a better way to configure this Z offset ? (or to reconfigure the z offset of my z-probe ? )

  • I think what we mean by save is a convenient button to press, from the babystep menu on paneldue or DWC which would automatically edit config.g and alter the z offset in G31, to reflect the new level. This would be the maximum convenience for the user and should not be difficult to do. It was possible before to manually send M500 and G31 in config_override.g would be updated, but this data is, for good reasons, now not held in config_override.g.

  • Not everybody uses a probe before printing.. setting to G31 is fine if you have a delta, but this is not storing the babystep value it's more like converting the babystep to a new probe offset.

    • I can see the argument that the babystep value (which is more akin to a 'bed offset' than a probe offset) should be stored separately if desired (I use it a bit on my probeless cartesian, for instance).

  • Last time I played with baby step and tried to alter the z offset in G31 it wasn't working, I was still needing my baby steps.
    Yesterday I read the changelog and old threads about baby step, maybe I should have re-probed again. Anyway I can't remember exactly what I did few months ago, I'll try again.

    This definitely needs more documentation.

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