PanelDue: Print Tab: Current Z height

  • I would like to see the current Z height / position (mm) on the PanelDue while in the Print tab.

    It allows me to get a big picture estimate on where in my print I'm currently at.
    At least on my PanelDue with bed + single hotend, there is a large unused area in the top-right of the display.

  • I'd like this too.



  • I came here just to post the same message as I was staring at my paneldue and wanting more from it. I would also like to see the filename displayed, and layer of layer displayed on the print tab, and current print duration. Am I asking too much? And maybe to show what the current baby step is? I know for people that have more than one extruder this may be an issue because of real estate on the screen.

    Would greatly appreciate it!


  • +1. I’d like to see the current Z position on the print tab as well.

  • administrators

    I recently released a beta to add some missing features into PanelDue firmware, so I probably won't add any more features until the I have done the final release for that version. But I've added a link to this thread in the work list.

    We are also looking at changing the layout completely and giving the UI a more modern look and feel.

  • Thanks David! Adding more to this! Also, a current XYZ location indicator would be awesome on the move screen.


  • another upvote for feature, toggling back and forth works, but kinda sucks.

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