Humidity with DHT22: unit in % instead of °C

  • I connected a DHT22 sensor to my DuetWifi and I'm using [c]M305 P104 X401 T22 S”Humidity"[/c].
    Currently DWC shows: [c]Humidity 27.6 °C[/c], which I guess should be a relative humidity of 27.6%.

    Is there a way to specify the unit for display?

  • New owner of Duet Wifi here. Insane board, I´m coming from CR-10S stock and I can´t hear those motors any more!!! Definitely will use Duet on my next printer.

    I noticed that under "Machine Status" if I hoover mouse on "VIN" it reads voltage as °C. So there´s another unit to change.

  • administrators

    This is already possible in the latest firmware version. DWC will parse the thermistor unit if passed explicitly. This is how I configure the humidity channel on my printer:

    M305 P102 X401 S"DHT humidity [%]" T11


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