Bug ?: layer count during dual print

  • So i just noticed this

    During a dual print, every toolchange counts as 1 layer done. However while the total layers shown is correct. The total printed layers reaches 100% when in actuality the print is only 50% done

  • administrators

    Do you have Z lift configured in your tool change files? That might be confusing it.

  • I was also confused with that too. In S3D when slicing dual print I noticed every toolchange means layer number change. It doesn't make sense to tie layer number with toolchange…

  • administrators

    Please share a gcode file that demonstrates the problem, also your config.g file.

  • I see the same thing. The layer total time estimate is 0. Quad color in my case. I have z-lift, but it doesn't have any trouble with z-lift for single color prints. Multi color – a few issues -- the S3D analysis of the GCode says the part is 10mm tall (it isn't) -- it's a 2X size benchy boat, so it is whatever that size is. Also layer count is wrong.

  • administrators

    If someone can provide sample GCode files and config.g to demonstrate the problem within the next few hours, I can try to get a fix done in release 1.20.1. Otherwise a fix will have to wait until the next major release, which is many weeks away.

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