Micro-Switch endstop type filament sensor wiring (for two)

  • Hi All ..
    I know you're working on the new filament monitor - which I'm really excited to see come out.

    In the meantime I'd like to add my own micro-switch filament out sensor to allow me to pause the print when the filament is out.

    I have been able to look up on the Wiki and here in the forum info on how to do that .. for 1 sensor.

    However, I'm doing an IDEX set up and have a U Axis.

    I'm currently using the enstop headers on the DuetWifi … X, Y, E0(U) (My Z 'endstop' is a BLTouch)

    For the sensor I'll need two headers. I know I can use the E1 endstop, but can I use/re-map the Z enstop to do the same?

    And/Or .. is there a way to use the DueX5 endstops for this purpose. - Somewhere in everything I've read, it sounded like I couldn't us the DueX5 enstops for this.

    Any direction - Gcode, etc would really help.

    I'm not sure if this thread should be here in this Filament area - or in Hardware and Wiring....


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    Yes you can use the Z endstop connector. See the description of M591 in the GCodes page of the wiki.

  • Thank you very much .. that will help a lot .. hopefully someday we'll be able to use the DueX5 endstops as well.

    This will give me enough as I've read the GCodes on the wiki several times to at least give some points to experiment with.

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