Is 1.19.2 still the latest stable release ?

  • Hi,

    What's the latest stable release ?
    I've been looking to upgrade from 1.19.2 for several weeks now.
    As far as I can see on github, tag 1.20 only has RC versions, I was looking for 1.20.1 it looks like it was dropped, it was supposed to fix some bugs.
    and the dev branch with 1.21rc also have new bugs.

    The forum is not really straightforward to find out about releases betas/rcs, fixes are in but it looks like every new rc/beta does introduce regressions.

    IOW, some issues are reported in the forum, some as github issues, how do you manage to track issues ?

  • is 1.20 really the version to use ? or is it 1.20.1RC or 1.21RC ?
    i guess I'll wait for 1.21.
    too much confusion for me

  • administrators

    1.21RC1 has a bug in G29 mesh bed probing but is otherwise stable.

    I don't use github to track new issues in beta releases, because those are quite common and usually quickly fixed, so the overhead of recording them in github isn't worthwhile IMO. Github is better for tracking longer term issues. I would prefer users not to raise issues in github unless they are confirmed issues in stable firmware releases.

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