M291 param to display last log/console message

  • I'd like to see a parameter or parameter option added to M291 that displays the last log/console line. For example, instead of 'P"message"', something like "P1" would include the last console line.

    I think it'd be easier to describe my use case:

    I frequently use the "manual leveling assistant" built into the duet firmware to adjust my leveling screws. My normal workflow for this is to sit in front of the printer, go to the "control" tab on the paneldue, and hit the leveling button (which executes bed.g.) However, there's nothing on the paneldue that indicates that the assistant has results. Instead, I have to tap to the "console" tab and find the last console line that tells me how to adjust my leveling screws.

    In order to make this process slightly easier, I've considered adding the following three lines to the end of my bed.g:

    ; normal bed.g commands here
    M400 ; make sure the leveling movements are done
    M291 P"Tap the CONSOLE tab and read the last line for adjustments needed." T60
    M300 P500

    What would be really nice is if I could somehow pull in that last console line for display in the M291 message. For example, perhaps a "P1" parameter would do that:

    ; normal bed.g commands here
    M400 ; wait for leveling movements to complete
    ; My suggestion is that the "1" in P1 below is
    ; replaced with the last line in log/console,
    ; which would be the suggested screw
    ; adjustments for leveling
    M291 P1 R"Adjustments Required" T60
    M300 P500

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