Web heating controls and g console history

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    I'm currently on 1.20 RC2, I would like it if…

    • on any change to heating a tool via the GUI (usually in my case having a temperature set and having forgotten to activate the tool), it seems like it should not go into 'changing tool' and lock out other actions? If I try to extrude at the wrong temperature from the GUI it seems like that should be user error? (edit - not sure now how I got it to do this again, thought the behaviour was fixed this version but did just trigger it somehow)

    • the drop down from the text box in the G-Code Console could show a (de-duplicated and possibly truncated?) history list instead of replicating the functionality of the g-code window always present at the top of the page. I realize there is command history after typing a character (and prefer to keep that too 🙂 but often the needed command is just a few back in the history and it would be smoother to get to it with mouse clicks. -- edit: oops! found it, arrow keys or space... thanks!

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    #1 is usually caused by tpost*.g being executed. You can already turn off its execution in the DWC settings.

    I'll discuss your second request with T3P3.

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