Can someone help walk me through a 1.18 to > 1.19/1.2 upgrade?

  • My brain is getting overwhelmed.
    I've been working reasonable well in 1.18, but accidentally deleted my config.g, I reloaded a stock one, but now my m500 command seems to not work properly… so I figure I might as well upgrade and start clean.

    I find the upgrade instructions in the
    VERY hard to interrupt, I can't tell what needs to be transferred/renamed/rearranged/both.

    If someone can help, or even live chat some how that would be amazing.

    Should I do 1.19 or 1.20?

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    You could use the configurator to build a new config.g.

    If you follow the described steps one at a time, where do you get stuck?

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    You can upgrade from 1.18 direct to 1.20. the process is the same as for upgrading to 1.19.

  • I'm in the process of battling with this myself… lots of work, holidays etc left the printer in the corner for some time, I'm trying to get it going and thought I'll update the firmware... now nothing is working.

    >> M997 S0
    SENDING:M997 S0
    Error: Firmware binary "DuetWiFiFirmware.bin" not found
    [ERROR] Error: Firmware binary "DuetWiFiFirmware.bin" not found

    Yes the file is named correctly, yes it's in correct folder, used the fallback#3 method with samba.

    WiFi module started
    Wifi module is connected to access point KXXXX_2G, IP address

    Look good except, the led next wifi module doesn't light up even when using M552 S0 and S1 seemingly toggles it on and off

    _>>> M98 P/macros/SetNetwork
    Wifi module is idle

    M552 S0
    SENDING:M552 S0

    M552 S1
    SENDING:M552 S1
    Wifi module is connected to access point KXXXX_2G, IP address

    Is there something you'd recommend to do???

    Also, there really needs to be a simple TLDR version of the update process out there, on one page, in one chain 🙂 an easy "copy this, type that, now you can copy this and type that" 😄

  • Here's my horror story for updating MO:

    1. Copy SD card contents to pc
    2. Format SD card
    3. Put contents back onto SD card
    4. Create a folder called "www" (NO SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! D=< And no quotations!)
    5. Copy the contents of the webcontrol zip to the www folder
    6. Open a text editor, and use the M587 command to set up the access point name and password.
    7. Save this file as a FILE, meaning with Win10 with notepad, you make sure to "save as" and choose "all files", then save it as SetNetwork, make sure its saved in the macros folder on the SD card, and more than likely it will STILL show up as a text file… so you'll need to show file extensions, and rename the file so it has NO FILE EXTENSION... that way it shows up as a 'file' and not a 'FILE file'....
    8. Put the two update bins into the sys folder with the correct names
    9. Disabled the wifi auto startup in config.g
    10. shoved the SD card back into the Duet WiFi
    11. Connected with pronterface
    12. Ran M997 S0
    13. disconnected pronterface and waited 30 seconds
    14. connected back to the Duet WiFI
    15. ran M997 S1 and let it 'complete'
    16. completely powered off the Duet WiFi
    17. Plugged it back into the computer WITHOUT TURNING ON THE POWER SUPPLY FOR THE PRINTER
    18. Connected through pronterface
    19. Ran M98 (or M99 can't remember) with the file path to the SetNetwork file
    20. Ran M552 S0 and waited till it said wifi was 'idle'
    21. Ran M552 S1 and waited till it said that it was connected to my access point.
    22. Opened up the web interface on the computer and re-enabled the auto wifi module start
    23. Disconnected pronterface and unplugged from the computer
    24. Flipped the power switch on so it would turn on normally, and boom things were done...

    Took me 2 1/2 hours to get it all working again, and ran through 7 different webpages each containing only one or two steps that i've listed here... meaning that you'd have to follow the steps on each of the webpages to be able to get it all working....

    Hopefully this helps someone....

    Though it still leaves me with a non-functioning printer... cause now my printer won't home no matter what I do!

  • I am having the same issue

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    I am having the same issue

    What issue, exactly?

  • @dc42:


    I am having the same issue

    What issue, exactly?

    After I updated I was unable to home or do anything from the web

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