Minimum requirements to generate calibration data?

  • Apologies in advance if this is documented somewhere that I have not found…

    I'm trying both 1.20.1rc2 and 1.21rc1. I've only just got my new extruder + filament monitor design up and printing, but when I do a print in calibration mode I'm getting values below +/- 30% rather than +/- 20% as mentioned in another thread.

    I want to try with the minimum setup which for me is just the extruder with no hotend, but attempts like 'g1 e600 f100' just get me 'no calibration data'. What do I need to trigger the data report?


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    To get calibration data you need to do a print from SD card.

  • Thanks, is it reasonable to queue this as a firmware request then?

    I seem to have my tolerances fixed with either/both my recent efforts and 1.21RC1, however being able to calibrate (and get readings in general as I'm really after calibrating filaments with nozzle/temp settings) with just a g1 command would seem like a useful thing? This would do away with back pressure / speed setting issues for new users I think….

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    Calibration needs to know how your whole system behaves, includinging retractions. That's why it's best to use a real print to calibrate. You can easily create a calibration file to print if you just want to test simple extrusion moves, e.g.:

    G1 X0 Y0 Z10 F5000
    G1 X100 E100 F240 ; extrude 100mm at 4mm/sec
    G1 X0 E100 F240 ; extrude 100mm at 4mm/sec

    Make sure you do X or Y movement as well as extrusion so that the firmware treats it as a printing move.

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