WiFi status and quick connect button

  • Apologies if any of this has already been requested but I'm still trying to get my head around the search facilities…

    Is it possible to add a WiFi (/Network) status indicator on the PanelDue screen?
    I know screen real estate is precious but a tiny symbol in the top left would do.

    If it could attempt to enable the network when you tap it that would be even better.

    On the subject of WiFi, could there be an option to automatically re-attempt failed connections at regular intervals?
    At the moment if the router goes down (or in the case of mine, just gets bored!) I have to issue an M552 command via my paneldue to restart it. Those without one presumably have to power cycle until it a few times until they can see the printer.

    I don't know if it's my router or the firmware on my Duet3D WiFi but quite frequently I have to power cycle both a couple of times when I first power on before the Duet stops pretending that the WiFi password is invalid and finally connects.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll consider adding a wifi status indicator to PanelDue. It will require a change to the main firmware too.

    I already have it on my list to retry the connection at regular intervals it if it lost.

    If the Duet is telling you that the password is invalid, that's because that is what the wifi module reported back to the Duet main processor when it tried to connect. Do you have just one SSID/password configured on the Duet? If the Duet can see more than one wifi network and one isn't a lot stronger than the others, it might try to connect to different networks on different occasions.

  • Just a single SSID but I suspect it may be a bug in the wifi router firmware because I always have to restart both the router and the Duet to get a connection.

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