Non windows installation instructions?

  • Got the Duet wifi. First told to connect it. Wiki seems to contain only Windows instructions. Even the section for host systems other than windows, then goes ahead and gives you instructions for Windows 10.

    OK, I don't have a windows machine. I know that might seem crazy to you, but I pretty much do everything on a high spec Chromebook. I don't ever connect to my printer, I only ever use OctoPi via the browser.

    However, I am hoping that my OctoPi can help me out here. Can I use it to update the firmware somehow? I know there is a terminal window to send commands, anyone done this or am likely to be tearing my hair out for the next few hours!

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    You can update the firmware via the web interface, once you get connected.

    You may be able to get connected by using OctoPi to send the M587 command to set your WiFi networkdetails, if Octopi is capable of sending the password string without garbling any special characters in it.

    HTH David

  • OK I'll try that. Still be nice to have some instructions for those of us who don't have Windows though!

  • Wow, even an ancient version of OctoPi connected straight away and configured the wifi. I'm connected!

    Good work you guys! 🙂

  • Hi - very impressed so far. Now I need to power off the board and start taking apart the printer. I've got the address of the DuetTest page saved as a bookmark. In config.g there 's a line:

    M552 P192.168.1.14				; (0 = DHCP)
    ```Do I need to replace that IP address with the one I've bookmarked? Bit apprehensive about power off and not being able to reconnect!

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    That IP address in the M552 command is ignored on the Duet WiFi. If you want the IP address to be fixed, you must specify it and the gateway IP address in the M587 command. But your router will probably allocate the same IP address to the Duet WiFi every time anyway.

  • That seems right, I did a restart and it showed up at the same IP address. Very pleased so far. Much easier than I thought it was going to be.

    Excited for tomorrow to try it out and configure the firmware.

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