Wrong Scrolling Behaviour depending on Window Aspect

  • Depending on the aspect of the browser window, DWC offers a bad scrolling behaviour. Usually when the content is too tall, the lower part right next to the navigation menu should become scrollable like shown here (see the scroll bar on the right side):

    But most aspect ratios on my system (maximized window) give a scroll bar covering the full height like shown here:

    This means, that every time DWC updates any content (at least every second or so), the page jumps right back to the top and it becomes impossible to scroll down and open a file or check the remaining print time.

    Occurs at least on Firefox and Chrome.

    Ist this known and will it be fixed?

  • I have this same issue. Running Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit).
    And Firmware Version: 1.19 (2017-08-14)
    WiFi Server Version: 1.19
    Web Interface Version: 1.19

  • I'm also seeing this and have been struggling with it for quite a while. It would be nice to know if this is an acknowledged / reproduced issue. I'm running 1.20 versions of all firmware.

  • Moderator

    Can you update to 1.21 and confirm it still happens?

  • I have that on my list, but it will likely be a few days before I can get to it. I'll let you know what happens.

  • I just upgraded to 1.21 and the issue appears to be resolved now. ☺

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