Wrong data type size for time_t

  • Hi,

    I'm using macOS 10.13.3 on a modern MacBook Pro with the latest Eclipse for C++ and arm-gcc tools: gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major.
    I installed both with Homebrew-Cask.

    I noticed that for some unknown reason, the data type [c]time_t[/c] is 8 bytes, instead of 4.
    This causes the static-assert in [c]src/Platform.h:661:2: error: static assertion failed: Can't fit software reset data in user signature area[/c] to fail.

    To solve this issue, I added the following compiler flag to force the ARM stdlib to use a 4-byte type: [c]_WANT_USE_LONG_TIME_T[/c], which I added in "C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Cross GCC Compiler -> Preprocessor -> Defined Symbols", same for the "Cross G++ Compiler".

    Anybody else noticed this weird behaviour?

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    You are using the 2017q4 version of the gcc tools, whereas I am using the q2 version. Perhaps the default definition of time_t changed between versions.

    One option would be to accept the 64-bit time_t but convert it to/from unsigned 32-bits in the signature area.

  • Seems you are right. I found these references:

    Thats what I get from always running the latest release 😄

    Do you plan to implement a workaround, or should I add warning to the build instructions for macOS?

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    I will implement a workaround when I upgrade to a newer compiler. Possibly before then, but if I do then I will not test it with 64-bit time_t.

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    I have modified the source code to declare the time field in the software reset data as 32 bits unsigned, with casts to and from time_t where necessary. This will be in the 1.21RC3 source code.

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