Add S2 parameter to head movement button G1 actions

  • With the change in 1.21RC3 disallowing G0/G1 moves if the relevant axis is not homed, I propose changing the head movement commands associated with buttons on the 'Machine Control' tab to have the S2 parameter. At least for the moves less than 50mm - buttons so enabled could have some colour or graphical change to indicate that they will move regardless of homing state.

    I find it is common to need to move some part of the printer after powering up and it may not be appropriate / desirable / safe to home an axis first.

  • I was wondering the same - but didn't have time to test it yet.
    Does this mean DWC and PanelDue need to be updated so the jogging buttons work again?

  • redundant now, can set

    M564 H0 ; allow moving axes without homing first

    if you want this.


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