• I would like to do a delta calibration each time the printer is powered up. I added G32 to powerrestore.g thinking that this would work but the printer ignores it. Is there another g code script that is run each time the power is switched on? I've checked the wiki but can't find anything.



  • config.g is run each time, you could add whatever you want to the end of that maybe

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    Powerrestore is no longer in use, and when it was, it was for when power is restored after a power loss mid print.

    The new way to handle that is here: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Setting_up_to_resume_a_print_after_a_power_failure

    What you want would be accomplished by adding the command to the end of the config.g

    However, wouldn't it be better to run the calibration when the bed is warm? Therefore a better place to add it might be in your slicers start gcode to run right before the print starts but after the warm up?

  • Thank you, both. thabre, your response made me realise just how long and hard last week must have been at work - of course I know config.g runs at start-up but I had completely forgotten that and was looking for something else! Time to slow down, methinks!

    Phaedrux, I want to do it automatically because if I forget, I get head crashes. By setting it to do it automatically I can be sure that won't happen and can then do a manual one as you suggest when the bed is warm but if I forget at least I won't have bed crashes!

    Thanks again, both!


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    Firmware 1.21RC3 runs file start.g first when you start to print a SD card file. You could do homing and auto calibration in that file.

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