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  • A quick suggestion for when you clone yourself or invent a time machine…

    Would it be possible to create a small utility that is run as part of the firmware upgrade process that, in addition to logging the success (or otherwise) of the upgrade, scans the config files and reports any lines that may (or definitely will) need changing as a result of the upgrade?

    In it's most basic form this could simply scan for G codes that have been affected by the upgrade and list them out with a note at the bottom referring the user to the online documentation and change notes.

    A more advanced utility could only report if specific parameters are present (or absent) to avoid highlighting irrelevant issues. it could also provide links to notes on specific G code changes (e.g. the need to add an S2 parameter to some G0 and G1 moves for Cartesian and CoreXY printers after upgrading to V1.21)

    I realise that a log file is no replacement for actually reading the documentation but there are plenty of us out there who only refer to the instructions as a last resort. (Which is probably why my IKEA bookcase seems to have come out as a fish tank...)

    Additionally could I request that the release notes include machine configuration specific executive summaries of updates (Delta, CoreXY, Cartesian, CNC, etc) that highlight specific enhancements and required changes as relevant to that operation mode.

  • Great Idea!!!!

  • It's a good idea, but then being able to quickly edit a config and restart, without having to reupload firmware like on arduino 8 bit boards is a big step forwards.

    If your machine were a production unit and you were an oem you would provide a pre-configured machine and only issue very carefully tested firmware updates.

    Making our own machines and configuring our own firmware implies a degree of being hands on, understanding the machine and firmware and reading the release notes.

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