Relocate Emergency Stop

  • I am controlling my KosselMini with my Samsung Galaxy S7

    Here are two screenshots

    Now, I know printers should have a physical Emergency Stop, I'll never argue that. I am thinking about avoiding issues in the future.

    The e-stop, at least on mobile (although could go for both desktop and mobile) should be big and easy to find.

    I suggest moving the emergency stop to the main page and having it nice and big always at the top so that you don't need two or even three clicks to use it. I understand avoiding the issue of hitting it by accident, however, while you are fiddling with the menu buttons….a machine might me damaging itself and every fraction of a second could mean the difference of a little bit of mending or broken/torn belts or a ruined bed or whatever it may be (mainly when commissioning I would imagine). This is why I'm thinking under "user interface" to enable it to show up top big enough so you don't get one of these:

    Once it is proven, I see little to no reason for it to stay there of one doesn't want it there. I think the option to put it back where it is now would be really nice (just make the menu lines/button just a bit larger to avoid the little magnification window popping up).

    With industrial CNC machines the E-Stop is big and bright so that when s*** goes wrong, you can smack it as hard as you can and it locks so you must twist to disengage it. It is big and easy to find. You shouldn't have to hunt for the E-Stop, in my opinion. It should be right in front of your face. The same should be true with the software E-Stop here. Once proven I would probably hide it, personally.

    Just my two cents.

  • I think the emergency stop button should scroll with the page (always on the screen)

  • administrators

    If you always need to press an emergency stop button then the best way would be to connect one directly to the machine and to set up a trigger. Since DWC now has a swipe menu, it will always remain on top in that menu. I think that is sufficient.

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